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NYC cupcakes set to debut this weekend

If you follow the New York City cupcake scene (I know, geek alert!), then you know that the talk of the town is the soon-to-open, first ever, NYC outpost of Georgetown Cupcake.  I’m excited to report that as of this Saturday, February 11, Mercer Street will be home to a new brand of small cakes.

You may be saying to yourself, great, this is just what New York needs, ANOTHER cupcake shop. And I might agree with you if we were talking about another Magnolia spinoff, but Georgetown Cupcake is no such shop.  It’s in my opinion, a refreshing addition to our growing city of sweets.

I tasted these DC treats in the flesh on a trip a few years ago and thoroughly enjoyed them. After seeing so many bakeshops tout their red velvet cakes as “the best,” I was pretty sick of those tacky red cakes when I stumbled in to Georgetown Cupcake that day.  I decided to give it a whirl anyway, along with a bevy of other flavors, and found most of them simply delightful. Light, flavorful and adorably decorated.  Check out my DC tasting notes here.

I can’t wait to check out their new Big Apple cupcake. Happy tasting!


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