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Sprinkles - upper east side

I’ve long anticipated the opening of Sprinkles in NYC. For those of you that don’t know, before Magnolia stole every New Yorker’s Sex and the City heart, Sprinkles had been pumping out cupcakes on the west coast for years.

This L.A.-based cupcakery only sells cupcakes, and lots of them.  It may have taken a long time for Sprinkles to make it to NY (probably something to do with major Food Network stardom via Cupcake Wars), but I’m glad they finally joined the party.

The upper east side shop (directly across from Bloomingdales) seems like the perfect location for these high end sweets, which run on the expensive side ($3.50 each). However, the impeccable service quickly made me forget about price. A delightful server took her time to help me choose eight different cupcakes for a party I was going to and packaged them all very neatly, even writing notes on the box above each flavor to help guests keep track. Despite an insane line, I never felt rushed.

Now on to the cupcakes…

Cupcakes at sprinkles

There are standard cupcakes offered every day and a variety of specialty flavors that change daily. My new friend (AKA the server) told me that Red Velvet is their top seller, followed by the Black & White cupcake. She also recommended her personal favorite, the Strawberry cupcake. Of course I had to try all of them.

Chocolate marshmallow and cinnamon sugar cupcakes

I was excited to try the Lemon Ginger cupcake, but unfortunately that flavor wasn’t available. We did, however, get to try the much anticipated Cinnamon Sugar cupcake and a few other fun flavors, including a Vanilla cupcake with the Yankees logo proudly stamped on it.

Overall, the group thoroughly enjoyed Sprinkles‘ cupcakes. They are moist and flavorful in all the right ways and the frosting-to-cake ratio might actually be perfect.

We also appreciated a few unexpected surprises with certain standard flavors. The Red Velvet cupcake is a very dark red, likely due to the deeper chocolate flavor we detected in the cake. It was refreshing to take a bite and see something other than the bright red cake that’s become so common in NY bakeries.

Red velvet cupcakes

The Chocolate Peanut Butter cupcake, which is my favorite, is  a peanut butter cake with large chocolate chips baked in the batter, topped with a silky milk chocolate frosting.

The Strawberry was not a disappointment either, with fresh ground strawberries baked in the cake, offering a natural, not too sweet flavor.

The Cinnamon Sugar cupcake was not loved by everyone at the party, but I was a supporter. Although, Frost-aholics should know upfront that this cupcake is frosting free.

The Black & White cupcake was a big hit. If you love the combination of chocolate cake with vanilla frosting, this is the cupcake for you. Yumm…

GO THERE! Of the eight flavors I tasted, my top choices are the Black & White, Chocolate Peanut Butter and Strawberry. I can’t wait to go back and try more.

Sprinkles goodies


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